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Roofing Services? Hire Duffy Roofing & Restoration

Duffy Roofing and Restoration is one of the most reputable roofing companies in the East Coast. It was established in 1921 by William A. Duffy, and has been providing excellent roofing services since then. Here are a few reasons you simply must contact Duffy Roofing & Restoration for all your roofing needs.

Reasons Why You Should Choose Duffy Roofing and Restoration

1. Quality Services
One of the things that set this company apart from your ordinary roofing company is the quality of services offered. Customer satisfaction matters greatly to the company, which is why it does its best to offer superior quality services. The company will not only fit a new roof on your building, but it will also clean up any mess that results from the work. It also uses only quality materials. This enhances the durability of your roof. Even better is the fact that you only pay once you are satisfied with the services provided. With this company, you can rest assured that you will get value for your money.

2. Experience
The company has been in existence for nearly a century now. Over that duration, a lot of experience has been garnered, and this has ultimately contributed to the provision of great services. The technicians are also as professional as can be, and the company is one you can rely on. If a given period of time is given for roofing to be done, it will certainly be completed within that time.

3. Great Customer Care Services
Another compelling reason to choose Duffy Roofing & Restoration is the excellent customer care services that the company is known for. You can contact the company at any time of day or night, and you will get an immediate response. It does not matter whether you have a query, complaint or other concern: Duffy Roofing and Restoration will address it promptly.

What Types of Services Does The Company Offer?
Although the company is primarily a roofing company, it offers a variety of services which include:

Why Choose Roofing Services?

1. Roofing Services
Do you need a new roof for your new building, or do you simply want to replace the old roof on your house? If your answer to either of these questions is yes, then you need to contact Duffy Roofing and Restoration right away. The company is your best option when it comes to roofing services.

2. Roof Repair
If you need emergency roof repair, say for instance because you discovered that you have a leaking roof at the worst of times, do not hesitate to contact the company. Also, if you would like part of your roof repaired when it is unnecessary to replace the whole roof, be sure to contact us. The company can also fit gutters on your roof if you need them.

3. Window Replacement
Other than roofing services, the company also replaces windows for its clients. Replacing the windows in your home can give a new feel to it and is fairly inexpensive. You can also replace faulty windows to protect your house and keep the occupants safe.

4. Painting
Although you may be tempted to think that you can paint your home or commercial premises by yourself, you should consider getting the painting done by professionals. The difference is unimaginably great. Contact Duffy Roofing and Restoration today to get your buildings painted by professionals.

Duffy Roofing & Restoration is the perfect solution to all your roofing problems. Contact them today and you will definitely not regret it.

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