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Members of the public and the press welcome for our today's press release. We are delighted to bring to your attention about the matter which the Google Incorporation has observed, scrutinized and analyzed over the past years. We would like to inform you that Google Inc. deplores highly ranking technique of Page Rank by using special Softwares and machine tools to monitor millions of websites in our search engines and rank them in the web according to their usefulness and relevance to our users. It is our duty and responsibility to ensure that the best practices are observed by all SEO companies in their practice as they help other companies in trying to optimize their rankings in the Google search. We have always maintained that good SEO services are the one which achieves the fundamental goals of the user. The keyword in a well competitive ranking is the quality content. Once you have great content, distribute and publish in your websites and the users who will visit your website will interact with what you have published and share among themselves.By sharing your content, Page Rank will automatically detect the activity of your website and it will automatically rank your website among the top once a certain keyword in your website is searched by a user. However, we can't forget the vital role the SEO ranking is promoting the business activity especially the online business. This has made many people and business to use alternative ways of trying to cheat our system so that they can be ranked first once a certain keyword is searched by a user.

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This does not mean we have left out the "black hat" SEO techniques. The measures earlier put on the place about all those false and fake link generating methods are still upheld by us. Any activity contradicting our moral or ethical values stands out to be penalized.Any individual or an SEO company which might have been certified or contracted to by the Google to help other businesses in developing their SEO marketing, or even themselves to be in breach of any rules or regulation. We will not hesitate to take appropriate measures to that individual or that company.The best SEO company is that one which will research, audit and analyze customers needs and specifications about the customers' need and requirements.This is because all individuals or companies needs are unique and every keyword needs broad research so that a proper optimization can be achieved.Remember, besides building quality links, quality content is the important aspect. And finally keeping analysis of the results and adjusting accordingly if need be. This will enable the Page Rank to keep your page updated and at the top of the search engine whenever a certain keyword is searched by a user and it is in your website. Professional List, Inc is an example of an SEO company which has been doing exemplary work on search optimization and i would urge the rest to copy the trend. Ladies and Gentlemen, Thank you very much for your time.

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